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Week 3 of Bread: Herb Crackers

Artisan Herb Crackers 

I think I might have to officially declare today “Idiot Day”.  I can’t disclose the full details of why I’ve made this official declaration since it has to do with my professional life and apparently somewhere along the way someone coerced me into signing a document that said I wouldn’t blab on the internet anywhere about topics concerning my job.  I suppose this agreement is ultimately in my best interest too, so let’s just leave it at this: my day isn’t going so smoothly. 

Sheets of crackers out of the oven

But enough of that; my time is limited today.  Let’s move promptly along to a much more pleasant topic – making your own artisan crackers at home.  Crackers are, after all, a form of unleavened bread, so I thought I’d sneak them in here during our last Week of Bread together.  I got my inspiration from Rebecca over at New Old Fashioned Gal when she submitted the recipe to last week’s Carnival of Recipes: A Menu

Ball of doughDough rolled out to size of sheetPricking dough with a fork 

The possibilities of these crackers are endless, since you could very well use a limitless combination of seasonings and probably not have to make the same kind twice for a year if you really put your mind to it.  You could also get fancy with the edges and shapes, using special cutting wheels and cookie cutters.  I see my next batch as being round with wavy edges…

Dill, Black Pepper, Oregano

So I mulled over my choice of seasonings for quite a few days before making my first foray into cracker crafting.   I settled on giving priority to some of my dried herbs from the farm on this first go-around since they really are the best seasonings in my pantry – superb flavor and quality.  To keep the dill and oregano company, and mostly because I somehow think everything is better in three’s, I threw in coarse black pepper at the last moment.  Boy, did that pepper make them pop! 

Cracker close-up

I don’t think these would necessarily make good soup crackers – I mean, they might, but why bother smothering them in soup unless it’s rather bland and needs a cracker with seasoning.  My bag was quickly consumed by scooping up soft goat cheese and just plain snacking while I watched – gasp – the Knight Rider network movie on NBC Sunday night.  It didn’t take a genius to know that piece of entertainment wasn’t going to offer any Emmy-winning performances, but I was blissful in my viewing with my nostalgia and homemade crackers to keep me amused.  

Sadly, I’m now all out of crackers.  It’s comforting to know – especially on a day like today – that when armed with a nearly idiot-proof recipe like this , I can easily make some more.  What combination of seasonings do you think you’d like to try first?


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